Irrigation Services

Hydrate Irrigation provides the following services for new installations and existing sprinkler systems:

  • Spring Start Up
  • Mid-Season Inspections
  • Winterizations
  • RPZ Certifications
  • Upgrades to Existing Systems
  • Repairs
  • Pump Repairs and Installation
  • Green Roofs
  • Drip Irrigation

Irrigation Installation

Hydrate Irrigation specializes in the installation of sprinkler systems for:

  • Turf Areas
  • Planting Areas
  • Drip Irrigation
  • Roof Top Gardens
  • Planter Boxes

Q & A

Why an automatic sprinkler system?

It will save you time by watering at the recommended intervals whether you are home or not.
It will save you money by tailoring the watering for different types of planting material and areas.
It will save you water by using the most efficient products on the market that include sensors for rain and weather—adjusting the systems as needed.

What should I look for in a contractor?

Hydrate Irrigation is a Licensed Irrigation Contractor with the Illinois Department of public health. We carry liability insurance and worker compensation insurance.

Are you Certified?

Yes, a partnership program sponsored by EPA to make it easy for Americans to save water and protect the environment. They say "Look for the WaterSense label to choose quality, water-efficient products. Water efficiency is the long-term ethic of conserving water resources through the employment of water-saving technologies. Landscape irrigation professionals include designers, auditors, or installation and maintenance professionals that are certified to implement water efficiency best practices. To qualify for the label programs must demonstrate proficiency through examinations and be subject to independent oversight." This means that we use products and methods that will save you water and money and protect our water supply and environment.

A Certified Irrigation Contractor is an irrigation specialist whose principal business is the execution of contracts to install, repair, and maintain irrigation systems. A CIC has:

  • A minimum of three years of irrigation-related experience or two years of irrigation-related experience plus one year of irrigation-related education.
  • Passed a 4-hour, closed book written examination.
  • Agreed to follow the Code of Ethics established by the Certification Board.

Irrigation contractors execute layout, staking, excavation, boring, trenching, grading, back-filling and limited design. They install all piping and water delivery components. They install the irrigation controls, including mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems. Contractors troubleshoot and repair all of these components and systems.

Irrigation contractors read site, contour and grading plans, as well as various “shop drawings” used in installation. They should be knowledgeable of the various soil conditions which affect the installation and operation of the irrigation system. They should be able to effectively choose and schedule the required installation equipment.

Irrigation contractors work with all types and classifications of pipe. They should be able to perform the necessary cutting and joining of these different materials, understand the limitations of each piping system and have knowledge of the required fittings and components of the water delivery system, including backflow prevention components. They should understand basic hydraulics as applied to pumps, irrigation piping, sprinkler heads, water hammer and backflow prevention principles.

Irrigation contractors should have knowledge of the various types of control devices used in irrigation systems, including mechanically, hydraulically and electrically controlled valves and irrigation controllers. They should have basic electrical knowledge needed for installation of electric motors and associated electronic control systems. They should have knowledge of the required licensing laws and codes in their respective states.

In addition, they should know the principles of good business practices, organization, accurate bookkeeping, and timely material and labor take-offs and bids. They should be able to organize and schedule projects. They should understand construction contracts, as well as their legal rights and obligations.

Hydrate Irrigation will provide you with a no obligation free estimate for your project.